Committee of Management

 Message from The President

On Club letterhead 05/08/2017


Nominations letter July '17

Nominations letter on Club letterhead



Nominations for the forthcoming Committee Elections closed at 5pm on Friday 30th June 2017.


The following nominations were received:


POSITION                             NOMINEE                             NOMINATORS

President                              Brian Shanahan                   Helene McNamara + Ciaran Crehan (No election required – Will be elected unopposed)                             

Vice President                      Helene McNamara          Susan Norman + Paul Norman (No election required – Will be elected unopposed)


Secretary                                Karen Roe                        Peter Hudson + Brian Shanahan

                                                Peter Donnellan                     Felicity Allen + William Burke


Treasurer                                Sean McKeon                   Helene McNamara + Ciaran Crehan

                                                Daniel Thorpe                   Michele Thorpe + Matthew Thorpe


Committee (5)                        Conrad Corry                John Corry + Phillip Moore

                                                Brad Green                     Conrad Corry + Brian Shanahan

                                                Ciaran Crehan                Helene McNamara + Brian Shanahan

                                                James Dunne                  Helene McNamara + Sean McKeon

                                                Jim Kilmurray                  Des Fitzgerald + Michael McGarvey

                                                Felicity Allen                   Lillian Benfell + Elizabeth Benfell

                                                Peter Gavin                           Conrad Corry + Phillip Moore

                                                Peter Hudson                        Peter Gavin + Helene McNamara

                                                Jennifer O’Brien                    Peter Gavin + Helene McNamara

                                                Sean Lavin                  Helene McNamara + Brian Shanahan

                                                Kerri Easton                           Felicity Allen + Frank O’Connor

                                                Frank O’Connor                     Elizabeth Benfell + Kerri Easton 

Elections, if all of the current nominations remain valid until after 31st August 2017, will therefore be held for the positions of: Secretary, Treasurer & the 5 Committee positions.



Mark Dalmau

General Manager

Acting Returning Officer




Message from the President and Committee

Notice to members on nomination for Committee

Membership renewal forms



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Celtic Club Annual Report 2015-2016

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Celtic Club Sale News


Dear Members,

The Special General Meeting on the proposed sale was held last evening. After a long night with 344 votes cast, you as members have decided to support the sale of our current Club premises to Beulah International.

There were 274 votes for the sale; 68 votes against, and 2 informal.

After a long and sometimes emotional journey to get to this stage, I would like to thank all members for their patience and support in reaching this resolution. In particular, I would like to pay tribute to the work of past Presidents and the Members of the previous Committees of Management.  I will also take this opportunity to specially acknowledge the contribution of Francie Collins who worked tirelessly on behalf of our Club in the early stages of our sale/redevelopment project.

It is now time to focus on the opportunities we have to rebuild our Club.  It will be a Club, which can support and promote our Irish and Irish Australian culture and traditions in Melbourne and Victoria.  

Your feedback, ideas and avid support are needed and welcome as we move to the next stage of the project.

The Committee of Management looks forward to working with you.  We are energised by the trust you have shown in our capacity to achieve great things for the Celtic Club and its members.



Brian Shanahan O.A.M


Celtic Club



The Celtic Club is currently managed by a Committee of Management elected by the Members.

  • Brian Shanahan          President
  • Helene McNamara       Vice-President
  • Daniel Thorpe             Treasurer
  • Felicity Allen               Secretary
  • Ciaran Crehan
  • Conrad Corry
  • Sean McKeon
  • James Dunne
  • Brad Green


The Committee


Brian Shanahan - President


Helene McNamara - Vice-President

I believe I can be an asset to Committee of the Celtic Club based on both my personal commitment to the Club and its members, and also the skillset I can bring to this role.

My parents were both of Irish heritage. My studies at Melbourne University developed a life long interest in Irish culture and history. Professionally, my work over 35 years includes managing complex projects and budgets and delivering quality services. My skills in high level negotiation, working collaboratively to achieve the necessary compliance and performance standards will benefit the Club and provide accountability to the members.

My ten years experience as a Board member at Doutta Galla Community Health Service trained me in all aspects of governance, finance, accreditation and regulations. I am currently the Chair of the Moonee Valley Legal Service.

My husband, Jim Cusack, and I are both well acquainted with the local Irish community and have been members for many years. Jim was Secretary of the Celtic Club and was awarded the Irish Australian of the Year in 2014.



Daniel Thorpe - Treasurer



Felicity Allen - Current Secretary

I have been Secretary since November 2014 and am responsible for the oversight of membership matters, meeting minutes and correspondence. I have increased the level of information provided to members and corresponded with other Clubs. Membership drives have increased the number of financial members (just over 1,000 at the time of writing).  Improved management and better publicity have turned the Club’s fortunes around from loss to profit. Members may decide to sell, but there is no longer any pressing need to sell this iconic site close to public transport. The buildings need renovation but this can be done now that we have an income stream. Thus I disagree with both the ‘sell’ and ‘renovate’ options. Nevertheless, I will be bound by members’ decisions.


John (Sean) McKeon - Committee Member

I grew up in County Roscommon, later attending University and working in Dublin before moving to Melbourne in 1990.

I immediately became involved with the Irish Community between playing football at Gaelic Park, trying to learn Irish Dancing and of course joining the Celtic Club, where I have been a member for some 25 years. 

Together with holding business degrees I am a qualified Accountant and worked for many years in banking both in Ireland and Australia. Some 20 years ago I entered the Aged Care industry and since then have owner and managed Hostels and Nursing Homes throughout Victoria and Queensland. 

It is such an honour to be entrusted with the care of the elderly and I found it a pleasure to be able to assist our Residents and play a role in improving their quality of life.

I retired 2 years ago and since then have focused on my local community and personal interests. Being a Demons supported has been tough, but the future is bright!

I joined the Committee of Management of The Club earlier this year following a vacancy and subsequent request to Members. I was delighted to accept the opportunity at such an important stage of the Club’s history. 

I believe the Celtic Club has a tradition and responsibility to support Irish Heritage & Culture in Melbourne. This is not only facilitated through Irish music, art and literature but as importantly through the social interaction we achieve within the Club.

I hope we can expand and develop this important role going forward and build on our current strengths to ideally become the premier Irish Club in Australia.


Ciaran Crehan - Committee Member

I am committed to improved transparency and accountability to the membership.  I believe there is significant scope to enhance business management processes across the Club’s operations. The Celtic Club has the potential to again be a thriving commercial operation, a welcoming community meeting point, and as a recognised centre for Celtic culture. As a committee member I will work to work to meet these goals. 


Conrad John Corry - Committee Member & Chair of the Membership, Benefits and Privileges Sub-Committee


James Dunne - Committee Member

Very involved with the Irish diaspora sine leaving Ireland. These groups have provided me with an invaluable anchor in Australia and UK

Strong believer that The Celtic Club plays a very significant role for both the Irish in Australia and Irish tourists

Very supportive of current executive. Support drive for younger members

I am Dublin born and educated. Moved to London when 21 In London was involved with the Irish community, through the London Irish Rugby Club.

Worked for some of the top international brands including Estee lauder. Estee Lauder sent me to Australia as a General Manager. In Sydney, involved in Irish community and became president of the Irish Australian Business Association. Changed name to Irish Australian Society, to reflect the group’s activities.

Major activities were the St Patrick’s Day Ball, Christmas in July and other social activities. In 1988, The Society played a major part in promoting the role of the Irish in early Australia.

Moved to Melbourne as GM L’Oréal. 1992 joined Partum Christian Dior as MD Australia, South Pacific and SA.

Lived in Malaysia before returning to Melbourne to join Ego Pharmaceuticals. I currently work as a consultant in therapeutic skincare


Brad Green - Committee Member